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Addition to the Colours option?

AnnBurgessAnnBurgess Member
edited May 2018 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
Hi, and thank you for giving me the first notation application I've had where I can colour notes to hues of my choice. This is good news indeed as a music teacher. Anything that helps kids to follow better is helpful.

I'm just wondering what you've done with the standard transparency slider that comes with the Apple colour chooser, between the colour wheel and the swatches? It's there in Pages and Numbers but it's disappeared in ScoreCloud.

Just think how many happy bunnies you could produce by adding this standard system facility! All those of us who have been clamouring for the ability to hide various features of the score, whether it be empty bar rests, the beats at the end of the music that should be cancelled out by an anacrusis; extra rests that make a score overly complex when there are several parts on the same line of music; anything unwanted where we are trying to execute a work-around because what we really want isn't yet available in the application: so many uses! I realise we can now make things go white which is halfway there; but that has the unfortunate effect of giving the stave lines which patches which isn't quite desirable.

Just a thought!


  • Just to add that I thought the one place I'd be able to use the white colour invisibility trick might be producing custom worksheets with areas of blank manuscript paper for students to enter answers. Sadly I made one whole bar rest white and there was a tell-tale place where the stave line was very thin, so it won't fly. Interestingly, make one whole bar rest white and all the whole bar rests in that stave go white with it. I wasn't expecting that to happen!
  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Hi Ann,
    Unfortunately it wasn't possible to simply implement the apple interaction, but we have actually made is possible to hide elements in the score. In Voices/Mixer toolbar button, double click on a voice and choose what hide. This will affect the whole voice. Barlines can be hidden in the actions window.

    But we will really consider your thought!

    Leif @ ScoreCloud
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