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Unable to print

cuilcuil Member
edited June 2018 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I've just installed ScoreCloud 4 on Windows 10. When I click "Print" or "Printer Page Setup" from the file menu, I get a popup box saying "An error occurred" and the options to Quit or Ignore. Quit closes the program. Ignore allows me to continue, but leaves me unable to print the work.

Can you help?


  • cuilcuil Member
    My wife has a Mac. I downloaded ScoreCloud and the print function works perfectly.

    Transcribing for music is so easy in ScoreCloud, my time to prepare for a gig is cut in half - giving me much more time to be on my instrument! It is, without a doubt, much easier to enter notation into ScoreCloud than any comparable software I can find and I tried all the free products listed in Wikipedia's article comparing them.

    I've signed up for a subscription to try using it regularly, I just wish I didn't have to use my wife's computer to print my work. Any idea when printing will be fixed in the Windows version?
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