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Snippet Management

Is there a tutorial on how to manage snippets? Everything I try to work with is labeled "snippet 1" and there are multiple instances of "snippet 1" appearing in the song list in the left hand panel. Also, when I double click one of these instances, it brings it up in a window that does not let me save any changes I might make to it. I'm confused.


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    A snippet is the original recording in the listener. When a snippet is analysed to a score, it becomes a song. Until you have given a song a name (via File – Save As), it is a song named "snippet 1". If you save it without renaming it, this name will be the name you see in the list of cloud songs, which can get confusing. Double clicking on a song just add another window for easier copy paste handling between different songs, it is not mainly developed for working in as a main window.

    Hope this clarifies a thing or two!
  • HexadTomHexadTom Member
    Thanks LeifO.
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