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Staves and shifting notes by octaves

I have a low voice. When I sing a tune in the voice recorder, it creates a snippet scored on a bass clef staff. I then want to move the entire tune up to the treble range on a connected treble staff. Using the arrow keys results in a line of notes shown with 7 or 8 ledger lines, whether or not there is a connected staff. What I want to happen when moving notes (individual or groups) up from the bass staff or down from the treble staff is for ScoreCloud to use (or create) the appropriate staff and place the notes on that.
Another great feature would be to have a way to move the selected notes up or down by octave (i.e. to have a "jump octave" function or key shortcut that would let you use the arrow keys to jump up or down an entire octave at a time).
Note: When adding a new staff to a bass staff the system creates a treble staff OK, but places it below the bass staff instead of above it.


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Hello, Please Ctrl + arrow up/down for octave changes! To move systems, please go to the voices/mixer toolbar button and drag the gray instrument/part (it has voices underneath) section up or down to change placement in relation to the other instruments/Parts!
  • HexadTomHexadTom Member
    Thanks LeifO.
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