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Midi file input

BillMcGBillMcG Member
edited November 2014 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
Every midi file I try to input results in an error message asking if the file is "parsed". These midi files are easily read by my other scoring program, Harmony Assistant. And ScoreCloud has no problem "parsing" them in the listener mode.
So what is the problem?


  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Hello Bill
    In version 3.2 which was released last Friday we have made a lot of improvements to the MIDI import. If you are using 3.2 and still experiencing problems, please contact and attach example MIDI files.
    Best regards,
  • I'm using version 3.2. Still no luck importing MIDI files. Attached are several from different sources. All are easily imported into HarmonyAssistant or played by any midi player.
  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Thanks for the examples Bill!
    The first and the third of the examples are Standard MIDI Files type 0 which we don't support yet. ScoreCloud Studio should inform about it in a clear way.
    The second file encounters a bug.

    Regarding your initial question why files can be opened in the listener but not imported:
    - When we import a MIDI file we trust it's information like time signature and try to fit the note events into this "grid". When doing it we use our music analysis and we still have some issues to solve in the integration.
    - When opening a MIDI file in the listener we just read the notes and their durations and let the analysis decide the music structure (bars, beats, tempo etc) when double clicking.
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