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Just a word of thanks . . .

PaulPaul Member
edited January 2015 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio

I've been using ScoreCloud for a little over a year now and just want to take a moment to express my utter delight with it and the people at DoReMIR. Simply put, I'm blown away!! This music software is the most intuitive I've ever tried, easy to use (even for non-techies like me), and just plain little short of miraculous. It makes music composition less of a chore and more of a joy because so much of the tedious part is taken away, and you can just get to the business of creation! I hope the SC team knows how many weeks / months of work they are saving for us!

As awed as I am by ScoreCloud I'm equally impressed by the folks who make up this company. When I first tried out the software I hadn't yet discovered the accompanying video tutorials, so I was experiencing some frustration and difficulties. I wrote to the company and Leif from DoReMIR sent back a long detailed response (probably several pages) answering every question I had. He explained that the software was still in the beta stage and encouraged me to send any requests for future updates to the program so that I could help to create my "dream software". What a wonderful attitude! And what great business sense too; I've dealt with some companies who haven't responded to calls for help after YEARS of repeated entreaties (no I'm not exaggerating here). This was a totally different experience, a real breath of fresh air.

Good to his word, Leif answered not only that letter but those that followed, all the while encouraging me to become an active participant in improving the software. You can't help feel that we users have a real stake in this company because even in small ways, we're helping it to grow with every update through our input and suggestions. After reading over other people's entries in the user forums, it's obvious that this company truly is listening to it's users!

I still have items on my wish list and in the days ahead will be adding those to the forums. But even though the software is still in the beta stage and isn't complete, ScoreCloud is even now in a class by itself.
Bravo and thanks!!!
Paul in NY


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    Thank you so much for your kind words!

    You sure are helping the software to grow through your input and suggestions! We are nothing without the users, and even the smallest bug report or feature request helps us focus on what is actually needed by the actual users! :-)

    This is what keeps us going through the gray days that are Stockholm in January!

    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
  • I just found scorecloud today and already have to say it is the best music notation program have ever found, great stuff!
  • Wow. Just WOW! Thank you DoReMir. I have just learned and tried this today, and it really is something truly amazing. You're doing great work here! Thanks again.
  • Johan you are more than welcome! I meant every word I wrote (plus a lot more that I didn't say) . . . I truly believe you are revolutionizing the way people write and share music.

    Hopefully those gray days of January will become as bright as the way you are making many of us feel! Thank you so much again, and please keep up the amazing work, and the wonderful spirit your company embodies.

    All the best,
    Paul in NY
  • I have been using Finale for decades and have recently been forced to adopt Sibelius to teach at school. However the temptation is always to use ScoreCloud because, although it might lack features at the moment, in an emergency it is just so much quicker!

    One of my vital scores got corrupted and only appeared in red in the list and wouldn't open. I thought all was lost but I sent an email asking if there were any hope. An email came back with my score attached, fully working. Now that's service!

    This all reminds me of the exhilarating days of using the vector art programme Expression 3 around the year 2000. The same feeling that you'd struck a seam of gold and were one of a few privileged people in on it!
  • Ann I know exactly what you mean & feel the same - it's exciting to be a beta user of this great program in its early stages! Your story of being onboard with Expression 3 and how it felt being part of a team of a privileged users really hit home :-) I remember when a cousin of mine who's a photographer & software wiz was part of the beta team of Photoshop users. He' grow so animated when he'd describe the visual frontiers he was flying through . . . This feels like a musical equivalent! :-)
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