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Free text

uddatoneruddatoner Member
edited February 2013 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I just want to ask a question to the DoReMir team about free text - when is it coming? It really would be helpful to have this when you write for singing ensembles or choir.


  • ErikRErikR Administrator
    edited February 2013
    Are you referring to "blocks" of free text, placed anywhere on a page, unrelated to any position in the score? I will try to get this into the 2.6 release, but I currently can't make any promises.

    What do you think of formatting capabilities (bold, italic, different fonts etc) in such a text field? Required, desirable, or not needed?
  • Yes - I would both want blocks /boxes of free text that can be placed anywhere. And within thoose there will need to be formatting capabilities so that you can have both bold, italic etc. within the same box. Its important.
    Need this both for writing lyrics, liner-notes, different info for singers in score that is not possible to have in a short list for articulation etc. but are more specific.
    Sounds great if this can be in next update. Thank you!!
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