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Print Size

I would like to print a part I'v written out on an A5 piece of paper. Its to clip on a trumpet music clip for marching band. When selecting A5 as the paper size the part spreads across 3 pages. If the "text" (staff size) (bar size) was smaller and tighter together it would fit on the one piece of paper. Iv managed to move the staffs closer together but this doesnt condense it enough. In a word document you would just highlight the wording and select a smaller font. Is there such a thing in score cloud???



  • work around. you can print as A4 .pdf and then print the .pdf as A5
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  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    We are working on scaling of staves, but it is not available right now. As Hadrian says, you can create a A4 document and then scale it in the print dialog for now.

    Hope this helps!
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