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Export ScoreCleaner Desktop

GregUPGregUP Member
edited July 2013 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I'm considering outclassing an ipad and downloading scorecleaner notes and desktop. Once I crate a score in Notes or in Desktop, am I able to export those files into other music editing programs? Also, can scorecleaner notes work with an ipad just the same as an iphone? Specifically I would the feature that allows you to song/hum in to the ipad and record a musical score.

Thank you,


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    edited July 2013
    Hi Greg!
    ScoreCleaner Notes will work exactly the same on an iPad as on your iPhone! You create your score by humming or playing and then synchronize with ScoreCleaner desktop by making a user account on ScoreCleaner Cloud which you log on to in the apps on both your iPad and your computer.

    When you open your songs in ScoreCleaner you have advanced editing tools that makes it possible for you to finish your score (see at attached image). And yes, it is possible to export your score to another software by exporting your song as MusicXML (See below).

    These are the export possibilities in ScoreCleaner desktop:

    creates a scld-file which is the sheet music page, the original snippet (the recording in the listener) is lost.

    Export –> Export Current Snippet
    creates a midi-file of your original recording in the listener, complete with your performance with tempo shifts etc.

    Export –> Save All Snippets
    creates a folder with all your original recordings in the listener

    Export –> Song As MIDI
    creates a MIDI file of the playback version of the notated music, in other word a MIDI-file of what you hear when you press play in the song window, without your performance and tempo changes.

    Export –> Song As Music XML
    creates a Music XML file of the notated music which makes it possible to open it in another notation software.

    Good luck!

    Best Regards
    Leif O
    1239 x 1754 - 688K
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