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Strange playback of first and second time bars

Now this is really odd. I have a song which has various first, second and even third time bars at several places. The playback of the first two repeats is flawless: there is a two bar first time ending and single bar 2nd and 3rd time endings.

So after the second repeat we go on to the chorus and then reach a two bar first time repeat. Here the music jumps back to verse 3 the moment it hits the beginning of the two bar ending bracket instead of reaching the end of it first. I thought it was some strange glitch and reconstructed all the bars involved somewhere else in the music onto new empty bars. And lo and behold, exactly the same thing happened again!

Moving on, the bridge section has single first, second and third time endings. The first and third ones play perfectly but the second one, again, is omitted and the music jumps back the moment it hits the beginning of the bracket instead of the end of it.

I have tried moving the start of the offending ending brackets so that the first time ending is longer or shorter; and each time the start of the bracket triggers the jump back, wherever I place it, so I know that is what is generating the error. How do I stop this happening, though, when I can't even eliminate the problem by inserting new bars and re-entering the music by hand (no, I didn't even copy and paste for fear of glitch contamination!)?

I have tried quitting the programme and starting again but still I'm not getting proper playback. Any ideas?


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    This seems like a very strange bug.. Would you mind using the "Report a bug" feature on the help menu, with that song open, and copy this description into the text box? This will send us all the info we need about the song, and we'll investigate!

    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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