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Composing step by step

Dear Friends of Score Cloud!

I'm using the free version of Scorecloud Studio for Mac (newest Version), and I'm using a Roland RP401R Digital Piano via USB Connection!
I have problems to compose seriously on this program! When I just play melodies, they come to my mind, it's no problem to notate them for Scorecloud.
But I didn't focus out, how to play in phrases after by after, step by step: for example: I play a melody 8 bars. After that I wanna replay the last 4 bars. After that I wanna continue playing from the 8th bar. I didn't find out, how to do that?!
Second: When I play with my piano, it automatically generates two score lines for piano. But what can I do, if I wanna just play a melody for a flute, I just need one score line?!

I hope to get help from experts, cause it's also not shown in the tutorial videos!



  • Maybe this can help you!
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    edited August 2016

    There are several methods to do this.

    You can either play the pieces as separate songs, and then copy the bars together (copy bars from one song, select the last barline of the other and paste). This is good because you don't need to play in time with the previous recording.

    The way I usually do it is to use the "Overdub" recording button and wait for the new part to come in. You can keep playing after the score has ended, and new bars will be created.

    You can also use replace recording by selecting a number of bars and clicking the "Replace" recording button in the toolbar. This is explained in the "Expand" video tutorial below. This way you can add empty bars at the end of the piece, and "replacing" them by playing.

    Also, check out the powerful "beat by beat" entry in the video.

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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