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I can't have internet connection behind a proxy server

myumyu Member
edited October 2014 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
ScoreCloud Studio is telling me I have no internet connection when starting up for the first time.
I think because my pc is behind proxy server.
How can I solve this issue?


  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    This might be a proxy problem but to be sure, please send the ScoreCloud log files to and we can have a closer look!

    To find the log files (ScoreCloud.log and faudio.log) on Windows:
    Open the "Run"-window by pressing the windows-key+R and then type %APPDATA%/ScoreCloud

    To find the log files (ScoreCloud.log and faudio.log) on Mac OS X:
    Press cmd-shift-g ( ⌘-⇧-G) in Finder and paste ~/Library/Containers/com.doremir.scorecloud/Data/Library/Logs

    ScoreCloud Studio has limited proxy support where authenticated proxy is not supported.

    A way to go around a proxy/firewall problem could be to add the following URLs as exceptions to the proxy/firewall policy.

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