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Here's What I Need

I have a 28 minute "suite" of songs and instrumental music that I need to chart for other players. It's made up of segments, has about 15-30 tracks per segment, most of them MIDI. Your tutorials talk about playing a melody, etc in real time and Score Cloud will analyze it, but all my parts are already written.
1) Will Score Cloud analyze previously written MIDI instrument parts?
2) For some of the players, chord charts will suffice. If I just played the chords, say on MIDI piano, could Score Cloud analyze them? Or do I have to do that and type them in?
Thanks much for answering this. If Score Cloud will do these things, I'll sign up.


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    1) Yes! Use the MIDI import feature. Note that if the MIDI files are quantized (for example made in a tempo grid in a daw) you can import it to a song. If the MIDI files are freely played without click, or information about tempo or time signature, choose the "Import to: Listener" option in the import window, and then analyze it.

    2) Yes! If you have MIDI files of playing chords into a song, import them, or just play the chords into the listener and then analyze. When you have the chords as notes in the score, press the "Magic Wand -> Auto Chords" in the toolbar. The software will set chords based on the notes in the staff. (If you have advanced chords (sus, 9, etc) they might get lost doing it this way).

    Another way of playing chords into a song that will better detect advanced chords is to click "chords" in the toolbar and select the first grey box. Then play the chord on the MIDI keyboard for as many beats as you want it, and then play the next, and so on.

    To display just a chord sheet, choose "Chord Sheet" in the bottom left, where it says "Score".

    Feel free to check out these videos for more information about playing MIDI in ScoreCloud Studio:

    Hope this helps, and please ask again if it is unclear!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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