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Tracks, plus notes not playing

This discussion was created from comments split from: Can't connect to server.
ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist


  • I just sent you my logs. I hope you can get the program to be stable as I would love to continue using it and recommending it to students and other composers but presently, I have lost four items in the last three days. The reconstucting has been arduous and it took me longer after I finished than if I had just used pencil and paper. Hope they can get this fixed.

    Also, I don't see an instruction manual anywhere just a few videos that don't cover all features. I have a few question below besides the saving issue.

    1. Why do some of the notes not play in some of the tracks?
    2. Why does it keep adding up to two hundred fifty on one song. When I try to get some of the stray notes back in the correct voice it makes a mess of it.
    3. Originally, it was processing very fast, but now it is so slow on each entry it is like pulling teeth. Does this have to do with the extra tracks that it inadvertently ads or is there another problem.

    I would like to recommend this program to others in my professional corp and also to students, but if it remains slow and unstable, I won't be any help here. I hope it is just my learning curve, but I would like some help if you have the time.


  • I am having trouble copying from the files that will not save but remain in the open area. They are marked differently. The ones that are still in the cloud apparently have an x beside them. The ones that are in my computer but have been bumped out of cloud due to server issues have a box next to them. Is this true? When I copy and past an entire selection into a newly created page, all the notes and markings copies, but all of the voices won't play. This also happens in my compositions where some of the notes in some of the voices won't play.

    Recap: How do I cut and past one composition into another new file and get all the notes to sound? How do you save these bumped files (server issues) existing in limbo so that they can be later worked on inside the studio package.

    Please place this in a different subject if needed.


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    It sounds very strange that notes are not playing! We would very much want to see an example of that! Could you open a song where this happens, and send a bug report from within the program and describe what noted were copied? This will send us all information we need!

    "Adding tracks" also sounds like a very strange behaviour, that I havn't heard of before! If you could do a report with such a song open as well, that would be great!

    Thanks for reporting!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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