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Weird notes (im not a musician im just playing with the software)

I want to remove this werid notes and get the normal ones.


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    Oh wow! That doesn't look right!

    This seems to be a problem with the notation font missing, and the symbols being drawn with some fallback system text font.

    The "Modusnotes" font should get installed in your system when the program is installed, but somehow that seems to have failed.

    In your ScoreCloud program folder (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\ScoreCloud Studio\") there is a file called "ScoreCloud-fonts-installer.exe". If you run this fonts installer, the correct fonts should be installed on your system. (you might have to restart your system for windows to pick up this change.

    If this doesn't work either, the font file "Modusnotes.ttf" is also located in the ScoreCloud program folder, and can be installed manually by copying it into "C:\Windows\Fonts".

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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