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Doremir Music Research AB

Doremir Music Research AB was founded in 2008 and is a leading “music intelligence” company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Doremir is expanding the frontiers of the technology and developing new software and applications that will change the way we play and express ourselves in music.

We are developing products for Music Entertainment, Music Creation and Music Education as well as licensing services and API for Music Publishers and developers.

Our unique technology understands music and automatically interprets the musical structure, like a virtual listener.

The technology revolutionizes the way you can create and express music. Our vision is to help all music lovers to set their musical creativity free, reaching out to everyone who wants to actively have fun with music and share their creativity with the world, their friends or maybe just their loved ones.

”Music intelligence empowering global creativity”

Sven Ahlbäck, CEO at Doremir