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We’re thrilled to announce the release of the new ScoreCloud 4!  Among other new features, it includes polyphonic audio analysis. Sing or play any instrument and ScoreCloud 4 will notate it for you. We think this is pretty amazing! The most intelligent, straight-forward and affordable notation software just got

Along with own our own products, we are making our technology available to other developers through APIs and licensing. We just updated our Business Solutions page where you’ll find examples of what we could achieve together. Our technology, based on a combination of cutting edge machine learning and cognitive

With a background as a songwriter and music producer, I’ve been fortunate enough to come across and work with a myriad of different talented people in the music business. One day I was working in the studio with a highly acclaimed songwriter

A while back, we identified two problems while testing and measuring. This is brief overview mby Johan, our Product Owner, on how the sync problems were observed, examined and solved. The first was a major latency (50-250ms) primarily on iOS that felt performance related. The second one was a drift

In the developing process, we try to conduct field testing of software and apps on different stages. Since one of the apps we’re developing right now have more or less an educational direction, this time it was natural to team up with a local music school in order to get