Feature Requests (assuming that they aren't in there since I can't find them)

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1. Text instructions that float with a part. For example: "Straight mute" or "Pull mute". Even "Half-valve" for a trumpet on a riff.
2. There is a difference between a slur and a pitch bend on a horn from a start point to an end. Can use the trill symbol going from start note to end note. Trill can also be a shake.
3. Chords for just a part, not the whole score. For example, a solo section where you want to provide the chords as they change so that the soloist can improvise off of the chords for that section. Currently the chords go on top of the whole score. This is also true in piano and guitar where perhaps the majority of the song just provides chords but specific riffs are written out.


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    Thank you for the suggestions!

    1. There are a few different kinds of texts now, apart from chords and lyrics you can "Add More" -> "Text Block" witch ties to the page, or "Music Text" that ties to a note or a beat. I would suggest using the latter to do this. You can then reposition the text but it will move relative to the tied object when you edit the score.

    2. Could you link me to an example of how you would want this to look?

    3. Okay! We'll look into how this could be done, but I could use this myself as well!

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  • Attached is the "Interpretation of Jazz Band Literature" by the US Army Band (an authoritative source!). Scroll down to page 4. At the bottom of that page, it starts a discussion (with examples) of Drops, Falls, Doits, Bends, Squeezes, Glissandos, Turns, Shakes. Easy to do by hand, harder to do in a computer-generated chart. I suspect these will have to be manual additions to a score as I find it hard to believe that the transcribing-from-live-input software can figure them out.

    I didn't see the Music Text feature will check it out...

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    Thank you for the reference! We'll check it out!

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    Chords are per part already! Select something in a part, and click the "Chord" button in the toolbar (or press C on the keyboard), and you can edit the chords for that part!

    Or did I misunderstand your question?
  • In version 3.1.1 there was a bug so that if you put the chords in for a part in a multi-part score, the chords would ALWAYS float to the top of the top score part. Even if you tried to drag the chord to down where it belonged. It appears this has been fixed in 3.2.
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