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change individual measure in the sheet

How can i change the number of measures in 1 pagewitdh by 1 2 or 3 pieces ?
thanks in advance


  • I also have an issue. I've already downloaded soundcloud, but when I try to open it comes up with setup and wants me to upgrade it. Already done so at least 5 times, didn't get anywhere. I downloaded windows.
  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi Frits and thanks for writing here.

    If I understand you correctly, you can solve this by clicking on "Spacing" in the page section to the right. I attach a screenshot for you.

    Also, if you highlight a barline, you can, on the same place where the Page help window was, click on "System Break" (if you only want to have e.g. 4 bars/row) or justify system (in the end of a song to even the staff out so it graphically match the other staff lines)

    All the best,
    Johan N, ScoreCloud Team
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
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