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In the right hand menu bar I have "Actions" which have a number of possible buttons to press to add an action such as bow direction which is great. Under this is a drop down box that says "Rhythm" which if you click the box there is an option of "(empty)". It would be useful to have other things in the right hand pane from the "Add more" menu such as the ability to add dynamic symbols such as mf, ff etc.

Can you change the point at which a note flips from p to d ? (direction of the note's tail)


  • Also some pieces start with an extra note PRIOR to the first bar which is sort-of borrowed from the final bar. I can create this using pauses but that then makes the bar numbers wrong.
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    Thank you for the feedback!

    Right now there is no way to change the point of stem direction, but you can flip the stems of selected notes by right-clicking a selected note(s). Where would you want the the point to be where they flip?

    If you check the "Hide initial rests" in the Pickup dialog, that will both hide the rests and set the next measure number to number 1!

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