Playback issue

When I try to play something back, the audio sounds distorted and delayed, like it's tearing. This happens with new scores as well as old ones that worked in the very recent past. I haven't changed any audio settings, and Scorecloud is the only program that's running. It happens with all sounds and also when playing from the snippet recorder directly.


  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    You could try setting the latency to a higher value, that often solves problems with distorted audio.
    To adjust latency go to ScoreCloud Settings > Audio/MIDI > Advanced

    ErlandW, SC Support
  • I increased both sliders gradually to max and it has not helped. I reset the midi and restarted the program and the issue is persisting.
  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Hm, that's not good... Which operating system are you using?
  • Windows 10, as far as I know.

  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    If you can send us your log files (Help menu > Report Bug and refer to this conversation in the comments section), we can have a look. This kind of issue can be very hard to solve however.

    We are working on a major update with a new audio engine that will hopefully resolve a lot of odd audio and MIDI issues. But it's still going to be a while until it is finished.
  • Done and done
  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Thanks! We'll let you know if we find anything in the log files.
  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Hi again,
    Thank you again for submitting the report! We have looked through the log files but have not been able to solve the problem. I'm sorry we couldn't do more. Hopefully theses issues will be solved when the new audio engine gets implemented.
  • The problem has fixed itself in that case. I do not know what changed, but it does work now.
  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    I'm happy to hear that!
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