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Manual Entry, note length errors and note jumping

acclivityacclivity Member
edited March 2017 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
During manual note entry, I frequently get a situation where SC fails to enter the requested note length. First attached picture shows an example. You'll see that a quaver has been selected, I then type "f" expecting a quaver F note, but got a crochet. Yet the quaver selection is still high-lighted. After correcting that note length, I then used the right arrow to move to the 3rd beat of the bar, but as I was unsure exactly where I'd got to, I clicked in the "3" in the 4-beat window as shown by my cursor position in my 2nd attachment. As I clicked on "3", the last note I had edited jumped up to a high "C" as shown. This is one example of erratic mis-positioning of notes experienced in SC studio.


  • Further to the wrong note length entry, I think I can reliably reproduce similar behaviour by tapping right arrow to move forward to say the 2nd beat of an empty 4-beat bar, then type "4" to select a quaver. A rest of quaver-length is shown to be selected, but when I type "C" expecting to get a quaver "C" note, SC enters a crotchet, yet the quaver selection symbol is highlighted after the note entry.
  • IIllustrations for my last post of 16:40
  • Bump. Johan?
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    edited April 2017

    I'm not sure I understand completely the problems regarding this, but I'll try to explain some behaviors here:

    When you click a number in the ruler above the bar, as in your second picture, that whole beat is selected as an area selection. If you then press a letter key, the duration of the selection will be replaced by that note, regardless of the duration in the Manual Input Panel. Try making a new song and setting the time signature to 2+3+4/8 to see how this works. You can also try selecting several bars and pressing a letter. This is because area selections work differently than placing the playhead/cursor and typing notes.

    Because our music representation is musical, instead of graphical, there is a general limitation ( /feature ) where two rests next to eachother is the same thing as one rest of the total duration ( eighth rest + eighth rest = quarter rest, where a rest is not an object on it's own, but a lack of notes). The current effect of this is that inserting a shorter rest into a longer rest (for example an empty bar) will not have any effect. And they cannot be drawn as two separate rest symbols, but will be merged. You can't easily place the cursor on the second beat of the bar, because there are no objects there to attach it to.

    The recommended workaround to do this is to place the cursor (not area selection) on the first beat of an empty bar, and insert a quarter rest (press "3", then "R"). This will not show as a rest on it's own, but it will place the cursor on the correct position, so that you next can insert a note (for example "4" then "F"). This works best when typing longer sections of a song continuously.

    You can also click and drag a note duration from the left hand sidebar to any beat of an empty bar. This works best when inserting single notes.

    The jumping of pitches we have not been able to reproduce, unfortunately. The only thing I can think of is to record your screen and keyboard as a video and send over to us (to, and perhaps we can see the circumstances more clearly..?

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud

    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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