Sync Problems on iOS (and beyond)

App Development, Problem solving, Testing
A while back, we identified two problems while testing and measuring. This is brief overview mby Johan, our Product Owner, on how the sync problems were observed, examined and solved. The first was a major latency (50-250ms) primarily on iOS that felt performance related. The second one was a drift in the recordings made on iPhone 7 (and once on Windows), that felt like it had to do with those recording in 48000 instead of 44100 sample rate. The way this was tested was by recording using our app, and letting the song click track be picked up by the microphone. We played all the tests with a 120bpm drum track (cowbell on all beats). Because we compensate for the device recording latency by removing the latency tester value from…
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Some thoughts on field testing apps

App Development, Blog, Kulturama, Prototype, Testing
In the developing process, we try to conduct field testing of software and apps on different stages. Since one of the apps we're developing right now have more or less an educational direction, this time it was natural to team up with a local music school in order to get hands-on feedback from potential future users. We visited Kulturama, the largest school for artistic studies in the Nordic countries, a sunny day in the beginning of June. Our employee Leif Ottosson has been involved in several testing¬†situations and when asked to share some thoughts on field testing, this was his five main points (in no particular order): 1. Use field test forms This might be an obvious point, but clearly it gives us a good overview of the results and…
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