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What is it

The ScoreCloud Embed Player is an embeddable web player for sheet music. It can display and playback sheet music from MusicXML or from PDF/MP3, and songs made in the ScoreCloud editor.

It is responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop browsers, and has zoom and fullscreen mode.

The player has a mixer where you can listen to individual voices. You can easily navigate the score, and it provides interaction for changing tempo and pitch.

It is perfect for selling sheet music access and managing rehearsal material. Examples below!

How does it work

By uploading a MusicXML, playback and score is dynamically generated and key signature/pitch and tempo can be changed on the fly. You also automatically get voice mixer, score interactivity and playhead that syncs score and playback.

By uploading a PDF and voice separated MP3 files, the user can mix the voices during playback, and if a manual sync is provided, score interactivity and playhead is added to the PDF score.

A combination of PDF, MP3 and MusicXML can be used to get different combinations of features.

The player has a permission system that lets you control what features of the player your visitors can use. For example score watermark, 30 second playback limit and disabled print for free users. Permissions can be set per user and per score to enable you to monetize access to the sheet music however you choose.

The files are uploaded through the ScoreCloud API, and are hosted on the ScoreCloud Servers. The material can be replaced through the API or, if MusicXML edited in the ScoreCloud Studio notation software. You retain all copyright and ownership of the material.

There are more features to discover, so contact us now to get API access!


See the player in action!

Static Score

Score from uploaded PDF/MP3, with added playhead sync information.

Try navigating the score and dragging the mixer sliders (or click the voice names to solo).

Dynamic Score

Score from uploaded MusicXML, edited in ScoreCloud Studio.

Try navigating the score, using the mixer, and play around with pitch and tempo!

Another example of a dynamic score


Start using the player today! Send us an email at for full documentation and integration pricing!

The ScoreCloud Embed Player is being used by companies such as: