Doremir API Overview
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The Web API endpoints accept input like Audio, MIDI and MusicXML and return output as for example Audio, MIDI, MusicXML, JSON or plain text.

Use case examples

Singing to sheet music and synced recording

Sending a song recording. Getting back sheet music, and the original recording auto-tuned and synced to the quantized result.

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Piano recording to chord sheet and accompaniment playback

Sending a piano recording. Getting back chord sheet and generated accompaniment arrangement including drum track.

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Getting started

  • User Guide: A quick overview of the Web API to get you started.
  • Tutorial: A step-by-step guide to creating your first Web API application.
  • Code examples: Get demos, wrappers, and tools for your programming language.
  • Endpoint Reference: Full documentation of all the endpoints and the data they return.