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Web API Endpoint Reference

Our Web API endpoints give external applications access to DoReMIR functionality.

Web API Base URL: https://api.doremir.com

POST/v1/audio-to-midi/startTranslate audio to quantized MIDIJSON
POST/v1/audio-to-midi/uploadTranslate audio to quantized MIDIJSON
POST/v1/audio-to-midi/resultTranslate audio to quantized MIDIJSON including base64 encoded SMF (Standard MIDI File)
POST/v1/audio-to-musicxml/startTranslate audio to MusicXMLJSON
POST/v1/audio-to-musicxml/uploadTranslate audio to MusicXMLJSON
POST/v1/audio-to-musicxml/resultTranslate audio to MusicXMLJSON including base64 encoded MusicXML
POST/v1/audio-to-remus/startTranslate audio to RemusJSON
POST/v1/audio-to-remus/uploadTranslate audio to RemusJSON
POST/v1/audio-to-remus/resultTranslate audio to RemusJSON including base64 encoded Remus

API Specification

An API specification in an easy-to-use browsable format will be available here soon…